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The Machine Learning Group counts now over 80 members, students (both undergraduate and graduate), researchers and faculty, mostly from the Ann Arbor area. Its members are affiliated with either Princeton University, University of Michigan, or Eastern Michigan University. The group members belong to different fields of study such as, engineering, computer science, statistics, mathematics, biology, etc. It is the group belief that we can learn a great deal from people with complimentary knowledge and be stimulated to consider ideas in directions we could not be able to consider by our own.

The group started its activity in the fall of 2017, with weekly meetings on a specific topic on machine learning. The entire list of presentations and video recordings can be found here. In the first part of 2018 the group will start working on machine learning projects advancing neural nets technology to solving important real life problems, see projects.

The group was initiated and organized by Professor Ovidiu Calin.

If you would like to join the group activities or project teams, please adress your inquiry directly to

Group members